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[Matt. 28:18-20, Mk.12:28-31] 

The Core Values of Robinson Springs UMC:

We believe that God passionately loves all people.
[Luke 15]

We will reach out to all people in our community, not just the ones we like or that are like us. This message is a driving focus of our church because we believe that all people deserve to hear, in a way that they understand, just how much God loves them and desires a relationship with them. 

We believe that human beings are created to be in authentic community.
[Acts 2:43-47]

Community worship is vital, as is providing means for everyone to build close relationships through fellowship and small group study. Life transformation happens, and sticks, most effectively in community. The Bible never speaks of a “Lone Ranger” Christian. We will provide opportunities for people of all ages to engage in community. We will visit the sick, the home bound, those new to our community, and our own members so that each person feels included in the community.

We believe that the church is a trauma center for the wounded 

and a training center for disciples.

[Luke 5:31-32, Matthew 28:19-20]

The church is never a rest home for retired saints. The church should constantly be looking for new ways to train its people for effective ministry so that broken lives may find healing. Hospitals don’t stop training their staff, neither should a church. Our focus will always be on those outside the church who desperately need to experience the healing and peace that God offers and our structure and ministries will be geared for their benefit.

We believe heritage and tradition should be used

as springboards into the future.

[1 Corinthians 11:2]

RSUMC has a rich heritage. Because members of this church have been faithful to pass along the Good News since 1828 the church is still here today. While we are not bound by our past, nor do we cling to it, we celebrate our past by using the best from our tradition and the 2000 year history of the Church in order to better understand how to worship and serve God as we move into the future. 

We believe that children are not our future, but our present.
[Matthew 18:3-4]

Children play an important part in the life of our church now. We do not wait for them to grow up before giving them opportunities to serve and teaching them how to be a part of the family of God. We will provide exceptional, loving care for our toddlers and infants. We will provide sound teaching and opportunities to serve for our children and youth. We will make children a priority in both budget and time. Above all, our children will know beyond doubt that they are loved by God and their church family.

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