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Dear RSUMC Family,

In response to the recent updates concerning the COVID19 (Coronavirus), I first remind you that calm and steady decisions are best at this time. Then, I invite everyone to join in prayer for our healthcare workers who face risks every day in helping others with illnesses. I ask that in those prayers you remember our leaders, medical researchers and physicians, and the many people who have already been affected by the virus. In those prayers we also remember that our God is mightier than COVID19 and we can ask for an end to this pandemic now!
Please stay informed. After much reading, especially information from the CDC, I am sharing the following:

As precautionary habits: Wash your hands often – preferably for 20 seconds or more. Do this especially after touching hard surfaces in public places. Gargle with warm salt water if you like.

Maintain a reasonable distance from people – this is a time when we can exercise love for one another by our smiles and waves from afar.

If you are sick, stay home, get help, get better, and then resume your regular activity. Also, go to a doctor if you experience the symptoms of fever, cough, trouble breathing. CDC recommends you call the doctor first, then go if instructed.

If you have a compromised immune system in any way, keep yourself isolated from risky areas, like crowded public places. Minimize your contact with persons who may be carriers.

Don't panic. Please don't buy supplies unnecessarily and deprive reasonable access to other people.

Continue to pray and check in on one another!


We will literally be taking our schedule of activities week by week, as dictated by the State of Alabama Stay In Place order and the recommendations from Bishop David Graves of the Alabama West Florida Conference.

For Robinson Springs activities, we will take it one day at a time – literally. So please watch for emails and Facebook posts from me on how to stay engaged.
This is how we will look toward this week - (April 20-April 26)

Wednesday, April 22 - Wednesday night virtual bible study. We are still Chapter 5 of John. If you would like to be a part of the dialogue, contact Pastor Janet.

Sunday, April 26 - Our service will be online via Facebook Live. Don't miss it!

During this time of the church, we ask that you remain consistent in your faithfulness of giving. You can drop off offerings at the church office during our normal hours of Monday, Wednesday & Thursday 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. You can now give online through the Alabama-West Florida conference web: We thank you for your continued support of the ministries and work of Robinson Springs Church!

There we have it – stay in touch with another, germs don’t travel through the phone or email lines – we WILL make it through this! God is drawing his people to him, reach out to someone who needs to know that they are loved by the God of the Universe! I remain available to you, please call, text or email if I may pray for you or offer help in any way.

One more thing, remember to serve and love others during this time. If you are able, reach out to someone with a phone call of encouragement, drop off some grocery items for a sick neighbor or friend - Let us all be the hands and feet of Jesus at a time when the world needs Him more than ever!

May this season of confusion, doubt and fear among many people be turned around to a season of hope, confidence and trust in our precious Savior!

And here is something really awesome amidst the current situation - Here is a wonderful opportunity to join others in a prayer vigil throughout these weeks between Resurrection Sunday and Pentecost. You can commit to individual prayer slots or join as a group – God is moving through our globe, let’s be a part of the mighty work of prayer! Seedbed (Asbury Publishing) has organized a prayer initiative called the New Room Watch for Awakening – go to

Love & Healthful Blessings to you ALL,

Pastor Janet

Janet Krantz
Pastor, Robinson Springs UMC

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